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I am Vikas Chandane, Authorized Instructor and Learned Wing Chun From Sifu Dr. Sonu Kumar'sWing Chun Academy, India

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(About Wing Chun India Academy)

Wing Chun India is stable in 2011, by Mr. Vikas Chandane and this is regd. Under sub unit of Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Art Academy, India, we are involved in social also public activity and a regular participant in Tournaments, and other martial arts event. And believe in authentication and traditional style of wing chun kung fu, wing chun designed is not only for fighting but also way of human develop many skill i.e. logical thought, concentration, aiming, building strategy and much more

The object of this association are to develop and built up the system and spirit of wing chun kung fu, also sharing of the best knowledge of wing chun system with the practitioners in the India-Mumbai, and all over world, Indian wing chun gives Give all students the chance to learn in the actual way of wing chun as well as amended techniques.

Sifu sonu kumar giri

Sifu Dr. Sonu Kumar Giri

I’m Vikas Chandane, I am happy to say I am a student of Sifu Sonu Kumar because he is an art lover, not a greedy for money, Sifu Dr. Sonu Kumar Giri learned wing Chun many lineages as well as world’s famous training center commonly known as a Shaolin temple, China.

Sifu Started Training in 90’s, then 2002 he started teaching Wing Chun in India, Sifu believed on Wing Chun contains not on lineage, but he gives much more regard to his teachers, he is well trained and well educated.
He is the play important role to spread wing Chun kung fu in India, Sifu Dr. Sonu is Director of International Sports Kung Fu Federation for (Wing Chun Unit) also National Judges and Referee of Kung Fu Federation of India, Joint Secretory of Association of Maharashtra Kung Fu, President of Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Art Academy, India.

vikas Chandane

Shri Vikas B Chandane

I trained under Sifu Dr. Sonu Kumar Giri who is the one of the reputed wing chun master, I Started learning wing chun and achieved Instructor certification in 2011, after this I did state referee and judges course in 2013 and National Referee course in 2015. I am affiliated with Sifu Sonu Kumar’s Wing Chun Academy, Wing Chun Kung Fu martial Art Academy, India Also Secretary of Mumbai Kung Fu Association.

I have participated in District and State Kung Fu Championship and achieved many medals. Now I am Teaching Wing Chun in Mumbai.
I think wing chun is the best system for human. wing chun is only one martial art in the world which is short and simple, and it’s all content is useful in our life it also provide good health and fitness.

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Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Art Academy, India.
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